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Consultant at are certified Astro-Gemologist who have high integrity and ethics, would like to serve the field of astrology and gemology rather do it for business. We take immense care and responsibility in providing solutions to our clients and will not deviate our mission at any cost

Our Vedic Gemstone report is most comprehensive report available in the internet. The birth chart which is casted based on the Date, Time and Place of birth that you provide when you were born and the birth chart captures the accurate astronomical positions of stars , planets and the zodiac at the precise moment . Following will be part of your report

In modern age , no consultation would be fruitful with computerized reports or age old traditional predictive techniques or phrases used in ancient times. In today’s times, the person who is seeking should himself be a astrologer to know his horoscope in-order to understand his life. Our comprehensive report will contain some insights into the horoscope and give you the best remedy possible in today’s world. I do not want to unnecessarily confuse my clients in giving paragraph of character analysis unless such analysis is meaningful. For Example , if someone has Moon in krittika – there are auspicious and inauspicious effects . Lets see the inauspicious generalized interpretation given in ancient text,it goes like this ..

Moon in krittika –one will be energetic ,strong , fickle minded , sickly etc etc.

With this type of generalized interpretation , I do not know what good that will do to an individual .Moon in krittika people is generally strong and energetic because of the lord of the nakshatra which is Sun ,the king of planet.  But the state of health , wealth everything else should be carefully analyzed based on other planetary position.

Offcourse , 27 Nakshatras and each pada of Nakshatra and the placement of Moon various Signs , Nakshatra and padas has immense significance .But to straight away say something just by interpreting the ancient text is dangerous and foolish. Hence every person should be mini astrologer himself and understand his own horoscope according to his life styles, events .

• Birth Chart – kundli, janmakundali, janamkundali, janampatri, Vedic horoscope, Vedic chart

• Detailed analysis of suitable gemstones for you considering the Planetary positions in your Birth chart (Lagna Chart) ,Moon chart ( Rashi chart) , Navamsa , 16 divisional charts, Planetary Friendship , Aspects of Planets and bhavas , Detailed shad bala , Ashtavarga , Planetary avasthas , more importantly thyogas , VimshottariDasha

Our Astro-Gemologist and the vedic astrologer carefully analyse the horoscope with all the above specification and does a intuitive interpretation of the planets and horoscope as whole with respect to the current scenario and gives his/her recommendation .

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                                     Standard Gemstone Report :  

The main report will contain the Gemstones you should wear , metal it has to be set , weight of the gemstones in carats ( this is calculated based on the age and the shad bala of the respective planet of the gemstones prescribed ) , uparatnas as well. Other part of the report includes like General interpretation of the horoscope , the upcoming planetary period , Sade Sati (Saturn Transit on your Moon) , Mangal Dosha , planetary mantras , ishta devta ,remedies for the malefic planet which includes mantras , Rudrakshas .

We do not offer free recommendations as we do not entertain any freebies, The attitude of the person will be less important towards our services if we offer it for free. Our Astro-gemologist are certified and recognized astrologer , gemmologist and counsellor who goes through the chart in depth and give practical approach to the solutions

We put our quality time into making these report, it almost takes 5 days to make one report and we do not have time do it for free.

But , if you are aspiring astrologer or very well versed with the terms of vedic astrology , you can browse through our various articles and recommend yourself a good gemstones. Our main mission is not to make business out of this services rather spread the knowledge and awareness .