Welcome to findmygemstone.com, an entity created with single intention to provide most comprehensive Vedic Gemstone Report and astrological remedies using the principle prescribed in ancient Indian Vedic astrology .

Our Mission is very clear , that is

1. To provide most comprehensive Vedic Gemstone Report and Consultations as per the principles prescribed in classic literature

2. To Spread awareness about this science and debunk the myths surrounding Planetary Gemology and Astrology.

3. To Provide optimized Astro-Vedic remedies to our clients and guide them through optimized lifestyle.

4. To Provide Unheated , Untreated , Natural Astrological Gemstones.

Vedic astrology and the use of Gemstones to harness the powerfully posited planets in a horoscope is called Planetary Gemology . We do not believe in miracles , success comes with hard work and perseverance, and Gemstones help in achieving your goals be it Career , Education , Harmonious Relationships and Health with the help of Vedic astrology and Gemstones.

findmygemstone.com is a place where you can find materials and content to debunk the myth surrounding the Planetary Gemology and Vedic Astrology.

We are proud to be recognized by one of the premium institute and Planetary Gemstones provider GEMSTONEUNIVERSE , India . Our consultant is certified Planetary Gem Adviser and part of the trained professionals under the guidance of Guruji Shri Arnav Medhi ,Vedic Guru and Chief Consultant @ GEMSTONEUNIVERSE

We are also member of of the Planetary Gemology Association (PGA), Thailand , necessary regulatory and research group established to help unite all genuine Planetary Gemologists around the world .


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