Sridar Sairam

Vedic Astrologer / Planetary Gemologist 

I am Sridar Sairam – Vedic Astrologer , Planetary Gemologist  @ . I am also a software QA test manager working in Europe for the past 7 years with close to 10 years of IT experience . I started my study in Vedic Astrology and Gemstones back in 2003 just as an hobby  . Slowly I started doing my research with respect to how effective is its predictive technique and the use of remedies . With my own knowledge in Vedic astrology and Gemstones , I started to believe in Planetary Gemology and prescribed myself a Gemstones of my moon Sign ,where back in India, its a common affair to prescribe a gemstones of Moon sign lord. With prescribing myself a Gemstone of my Moon Sign lord , results were swindling and dwindling with much more grief and depression . With this state of mind , I finally relinquished this science and became a non- believer.

During the past 10 years , I have had the opportunity to consult top astrologers who are currently at the top in the field of vedic-astrology consultations. You name anyone , I will say –I had been to them for consultation .Having spent hundreds of dollars on all this consultations , what I inferred is , none of them really had the proper intuition or time to give me what I wanted . All of them were very correct in giving me insights into what had happened in my past and why it happened , but none of them gave me clear insight into my future or my present. That’s something really intrigued me so much that I ponder on these consultations on how it was helpful for me. 

It was in the Autumn season of 2007 , I met someone , who finally with the help of correct Gem therapy activated the true essence of life for me.Exactly in the month of October 2007 , when my Guru Mahadasha started as per Vedic system of planetary period , I met my Guruji . That’s the beauty of this divine science where everything prefixed. Even-though , Mantra , Yantra and Tantra vigyan is especially available for us to dissolve our negative karma , it is very unlikely and very few could reap benefits of this . As per Guruji Arnav Medhi’s in his own words says that ” Use of Gemstones to pacify planets is the last resort to alter the Karmic life map – Ratna or the gemstone. This sounds too good to be true.” 

I would say , being an astrologer you should know to predict events , help people with remedies,psychological counselling and try to give them the right guidance. Each and every consultation is an opportunity and a sadhna (Focused Karmic Action in positive direction ) to make a soul progress in his life by doing away their negative karma or creating positive karma  . Astrology predictions is not about telling your clients fear mongering statements and make them scared.

The Wheel of time, the Kala unfolds different events in our life, some pleasant and some unpleasant. Astrology or Jyotish is considered as the fifth Veda as the sage says it is light of god. Indeed Jyotishi with the help of jyotish Shastra guide us to realize the karma we need to perform in this Birth, but at the same time not all events are controlled by the planets.

In Vedic Shastras, there are two types of Karma, Niyat (Each Effect attributed to one Cause) and aNiyat (Effects have no single rooted cause). When we are born at the fixed time, place and date, yes, our life destiny was fixed at the time of birth. But not all events unfold in our everyday life canbe rooted back to Birth chart, there are 90 % of actions are not rooted in a single cause. With only 10 % under your the fixed, determined actions, the remaining actions you perform are based on your mind and it is not determined. Like they say, not everything you decide or choose are based on your karma.

Do not seek answers for your future always with a Jyotishi, instead take control of your life and implement simple Gem Therpahy to negate negative actions . Gemstones has the power to make you negate the negative karma and choose the right actions . In a sense , you can take full control of your 90% of aNiyat karma if your action oriented .

In the modern age , no consultation would be fruitful with computerized reports or age old traditional predictive techniques or phrases used in ancient times. In today’s times, the person who is seeking should himself be a astrologer to know his horoscope in-order to understand his life. My comprehensive report will contain some insights into the horoscope and give you the best remedy possible.

I follow Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra for my anaylsis and consultations . Parasara is the father of Indian astrology , a great sage who lived in vedic times . His foot prints are all over the sacred science including Ayurveda , Vrisksha Shastra and author of Vishnu Purana , one of the 18 puranas of Hinduism .

BPHS principle is the best one even though you have so many other principles available like Jaimini , Brigu , Nadi ,KP etc . Parasara’s Vimshattori dasha never fails in giving us a hint on whats happening in one’s life . I also know little bit of Nadi Astrology and astrology based on Nakshatra Lord , Sub Lords but I limit myself only to analyse the state of the planets and its avasthas.

It took more than 10 years for me to learn this science or shastra  under my Guruji’s guidance . Still lot to learn but for now , I am confident that I can do my independent consultations which am doing already. It takes multiple births to even comprehend one Natal chart D1 . D1 chart has so much information that it can give you everything you want to know about the individual .

There are certain techniques I learned in vedic astrology and gemology to activate powerfull planetary positions based on its Nakshatra placements and its house placements .With the help of gemstones , you can create positive life patterns thereby negating negative karma .

Even though use of Gemstones as remedies in astrology is not prescribed in Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra , there is no need to get doubt on the effects of Gemstones. In the internet domain , there so many popular astrologer who give statements that, gemstones are not mentioned in Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra  hence we cant accept it as possible remedy. My answer is , Hora shastra is principle shastra underlining the principles of astrology , planets and its predictive technic . It is not the book which says about remedies at all . Gemstones and its use in harnessing planets have been mentioned in puranas like Garuda Purana , Skanda Purana , Shiv Purana and Narada Samhita .  Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra is underlining grammar and using that grammar , you can draw your own Predictive technique and remedies to negate the negative patterns . If you want to be successful astrologer with good prediction and remedy , you need to do lot of consultations and based on those consultations you gain experience to draw out your thesis . 

I was touched fondly by the divine grace and blessing of my Guruji Shrii Arnav  . Some times we feel that , a Guru should sit in a ashram , give a series of meditative lesson , give diskha and moksha for his followers . But Guruji Shrii Arnav is a true Guru in a sense one who breaks your darkness and enlighten you with simple and effective truth . Being an intense follower of Lord Krishna and thorough karma yogi himself, Guruji’s sutra for success is to work , work and work until you self-realize yourself .

I was initiated into Vedic Astrology and Gemology by his Guruji Shrii Arnav


Guruji Shrii Arnav 

Vedic Guru , Chief Consultant and Mentor – GEMSTONEUNIVERSE

I am guided by the blessings and teaching of Guruji Shri Arnav  , and we promise to deliver the best we could in the field of Planetary Gemology to spread awareness and fulfill our mission .